Deadline Fast Approaching for the Ultimate Theme Party Contest!

by 10 years ago


BroBible’s email inboxes have been flooded over the past couple months with fraternities, sports teams, and other groups telling us they know how to throw down the hardest. Since we can’t check out every school this semester in person, we want to find a school that knows how to make the most of a party. That’s why we launched the BroBible Ultimate Theme Party Contest and why we’re reminding you now to send in your entries! The Dec. 13 deadline is fast approaching!

We want to hear your best, most original, creative, and insane ideas for a theme party to be held during your school’s spring semester. No generic themes allowed. Highlighter party — been done a million times. Golf Pro’s and Tennis Ho’s — WACK. Sorry “Animal House” fans, togas, though classic, won’t work either. We need a theme party idea that is going to blow us away and that will get everyone excited to be involved. The winning idea will be rewarded with $500* to make this theme party a reality, a top BroBible-provided DJ to spin your favorite music all night, and four cases of Code Blue recovery drink for everyone to suck down at the end of the night so that you aren’t waking up the next morning feeling like a bomb just hit you. Here are the criteria:

1. Come up with a catchy, original name for your theme party

2. Describe the theme and what it entails — outfits/attire, decorations, food/booze, etc. (Please be as descriptive as possible and note that we won’t go for any themes that are offensive or discriminatory.)

3. Give us your credentials — who’s hosting (frat, sport team, underground society, dorm, etc.) and who’s invited.

4. Where it will be held.

5. How many people will realistically attend.

6. How you would spend the $500*.

7. Why you will throw the best theme party of anyone.

*Note: The $500 needs to be spent on the decorations, costumes, food, equipment, location, etc. — everything it takes to really pull the theme off. BroBible.coms cash donation cannot go towards the purchase of alcohol for obvious legal implications.

The contest deadline is Midnight on Sunday, December 13th. The party will be held on a mutually agreed upon date during the spring semester (beginning the weekend of January 8, 2010). Send in your entries to