10 Justifiable Situations for Kicking One of Your Bros’ Ass

by 10 years ago


With the holidays fast approaching ’tis the season for spending time with family and friends, remembering those less fortunate, and let’s not forget the art of gift giving. Every so often there comes a time when you need to dole out a little punishment to your boys who have been naughty. Here’s a top ten list of reasons you can give your boy a shiner for a memorable holiday family photo:

1. Bro finds his girl in bed with another Bro. There’s no reason your bro should be playing Santa’s Little Helper with your b*tch.

2. Bro goes off the reservation and needs to be stopped. You mess with the bull son and you’ll get the horns; in this case Rudolph is going to stomp your ass out.

3. Cock block. ‘Ole Saint Nick had a 10″ dick… for god’s sake let him use it!!!

4. Bro gets sloppy drunk. Not to mention all the calories, when you’ve consumed too much egg nog, no one’s a winner here.

5. Mrs. Claus is flirting with an old flame underneath the mistletoe. Cause for dropping that tacky looking ball on that douchebag’s face.

6. What’d you say about my mama? You’re dead, you’re Tupac, mother f*cker!

7. Bro discovers another Bro tried to take out his mother or sister. Never mow another man’s lawn, even in the winter.

8. Bro finds that another Bro submarined him at work or on the field with the boss or coach. Keep the gossip and conniving bullshit confined to the nail salons and

soap operas.

9. Bro finds out that another Bro left c*ms stains all over his comforter. Keep this gift to yourself…I’d rather coal in my stocking…

10. Sticking your bros with your bar tab. Santa knows when you’ve been bad or good and so does my bank account.

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