Did the Challengers Pull Off an Upset in the ‘Ruins’ Finale?

by 10 years ago


When the season finale of MTV’s “Real World / Road Rules Challenge” begins with guys pouring hot wax on each other and no one gets sent to the hospital, that’s not a good sign. It’s tough for a season finale in this series to have great excitement, especially after you’ve been provided with the extraordinary entertainment that we have this season. The finales are mostly activity based and lack the usual debauchery that appears throughout the season. MTV producers did the best they could by making you think the Challengers actually had a chance to win with two girls and what an epic story that would be. Only a fool, however, could think that result would actually happen. Only once (the Easy E passing out during the Gauntlet III) was the end product not completely evident before the show started.

See You Next Tuesday:

There was one underlying theme throughout the finale and it’s one that’s existed throughout the season. Susie is a c-bag. Multiple times I found myself literally saying the word out lout in response to her actions. Susie says “you better be nice” when referring to the guys dealing with her in the final challenge. Cunt. Susie says she’s not going to be that sad if the Champions lose. Cunt. Susie becomes extremely fatigued midway through the final challenge. The guys are carrying Susie and yet the girls from the Challengers can run and function on their own. Worthless Cunt. She makes this big deal how the guys have to be nice to her, yet she can’t carry her own weight. Were it not for the puzzle portion of the final, she’d be worthless.

Kenny Can’t Stop Himself:

Sarah and Kenny have had an ongoing situation (minus the abs) during the season. Kenny rags on Sarah. Sarah tries to deflect it and be the better person. Kenny keeps going and Sarah eventually cries. That has all been par for the course in the last three or four episodes. Kenny gets extra brutal in the finale to throw Sarah off her game. He tells her to stick to fantasy novels and dressing up like a wizard. He calls her the fat chick who ruins things for everyone else. She wants his dick and she’s never gonna get it. She needs a new arm cause her tattoos look like they’ve been doodled by a child. Finally, he says she’s like riding a moped. He wouldn’t want his buddies to see him doing it, but he’d probably take a ride anyway.

In reality, Kenny acts this way because he was a fat kid when he was younger and probably took a shitload of ridicule. Sarah really takes more shit than anyone else in the cast, so you almost feel bad for her. I said almost. She must’ve done something to make herself a target for Kenny, right? Right?!?

‘Jersey Shore’ Update:

I know I’ll have plenty of time to talk about this tomorrow, but once I saw a commercial for tonight’s episode of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” I got excited. Apparently Ronnie and Sammi are really digging each other, but Ronnie is later seen on the dance floor with another girl. Sammi doesn’t like that at all. Of course, she kissed two of her roommates in last week’s episode, but Ronnie isn’t allowed to offer some “Ron Ron Juice” to a random “non-classy” broad at the bar. This should make for good drama…

The Actual Results:

In typical challenge fashion, the final competition involves some type of race course where the teams have to complete multiple tasks and race to the finish line. With five members (four male), the Champions hold an advantage over a Challengers team consisting of two women. The chicks actually get an early lead because the first task requires the contestants to eat a bunch of odd shit like grasshoppers and beetles. The Champions can’t keep their shit down and are puking their guts out all over the place. The lead is extended when the girls quickly make their puzzle, the second task, and then move through the mud pit, their third test, with ease.

The Champions typically make their late push. They storm through the bamboo poles, the fourth task on which the competitors had to traverse without falling. Both teams arrive at the brick moving game, the fifth challenge, at the same time. Sara knew she had to solve the enigma, given Kelly Anne’s IQ is all invested in her fake b**bs, but she could barely read the instructions due to exhaustion. Evan sees a similar problem for his team as the rest of the team other than Susie are useless for something like this. Susie is able to solve the situation for the Champions to complete the final task, while the Challengers max out on time. This gives the Champions enough of a lead to reach the finish line first and collect $160K between em. Not a bad day at the office

Favorite Moments of “The Ruins”:

While it’s sad to see another challenge come to a close, most would agree this was the most memorable one in a while. With that in mind, here’s my seven favorite moments from this season:

#7 — The Truth or Dare game to open up episode #7.

#6 — Veronica and Tonya get into a catfight after Veronica reminds the group she caught Tonya masturbating on “The Inferno II.”

#5 — Kelly Anne running around in her “birthday suit.”

#4 — Evan banging Veronica because he can.

#3 — All the commercials for “Jersey Shore.”

#2 — A drunk Brad antagonizes Darrell to the point where Darrell beats Brad’s face into the ground.

#1 — Shavon pops her implant when falling into the water during a competition. “