A Times Square Shoot Out, Goldman’s New Bonuses, Notre Dame New Coach, and Norway Gets Freaky

by 10 years ago


Here are today’s top stories:

  • A plainclothes NYPD cop killed an armed peddler in a wild shootout in Times Square this morning. The gunman was identified as an aggressive panhandler, trying to swindle tourists into buy his $10 CDs, and when he was approached by police, he took off running and started firing. [NYPD]
  • Goldman Sachs has decided to issue all bonuses to top execs via restricted stocks rather than cash this year. [CNBC]
  • What’s the best time of day to exercise? Studies find that working out in the late afternoon or early evening yields a higher heart beat rate than a morning workout. [NYTimes]
  • Cincinnati’s Brian Kelly will likely be the next coach of Notre Dame. [ESPN]
  • That mystery spiral blue light over Norway is pretty freaky. [Daily Mail]

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