How Did the ‘Jersey Shore’ Drinking Game Go Over at Your Viewing Party?

by 11 years ago

Yesterday we presented our ‘Jersey Shore’ Drinking Game. This morning on Texts from Last Night, we see this entry:


Should our rules be amended at all? Too intense perhaps? Check them out again after the jump and weigh in with your two cents.

  • Drink when any character is applying hair product (i.e. gel, hairspray).
  • Drink when someone vomits/fights.
  • Drink when someone is shown wearing sunglasses inside or at night.
  • Drink when you see Ed Hardy.
  • Drink every time the T-shirt boss has to yell at them for not working/they don’t want to work.
  • Drink every time you see Jaeger or Red Bull.
  • Drink when a character fist pumps.
  • Drink every time a character brings someone back (Drink twice if they go to the hottub).
  • Drink every time the word “b*tch” is said.
  • Drink whenever Mike says “The Situation.”
  • Drink every time you see man n*pple.
  • Drink every time you see the guys lifting weights, drinking a protein drink, eating a protein bar, and talking about working out and/or eating a protein shake/bar.
  • Drink every time one of the girls talks about being “classy” or not wanting to see “skanks” brought back to the house.

    By the way, here’s another “Jersey Shore” drinking game related TFLN:

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