Free LCD TV Available in Chicago, With Just One Catch

by 11 years ago

[inline:tv]For all you Bros in Chicago, here’s an item you might want to add to your Christmas list, straight off of Craigslist, and yes, it’s free.

Free workingLCD tv (west burbs)

Date: 2009-12-07, 2:56AM CST

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Free LCD TV.Yes it works perfectly.Yes it has a remote. No i wont deliver. Why is it FREE you ask?????

My room mate thought it would be “hysterical” to pause gay adult entertainment on my TV while my girlfriend and I were on vacation for 2 weeks, thus burning and image into the screen. So…If you dont mind a sillouette of a skinny white guy taking a load in the face from the biggest black pen*s in recorded history forever adorning your new TV, Its yours.