The Name That Flow Contest Winners Announced!

by 11 years ago

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So far this week, we’ve shown you the Name That Flow Contest non-winning entries and four honorable mention winners, as well as introduced you to young flow hopeful Jacob Schoenick. And earlier today, we shared with you contest judge Matt Striebel’s in-depth discussion of the true meaning of Flow and voting rationale. Before we name the winners, however, we need to thank the sponsor of the contest, Warrior Lacrosse, for all of their support and for supplying the awesome prizes that you see above. And another big shout out to our judges, the aforementioned Matt Striebel, as well as Connor Martin, and the guys at 90% of Lax is in the Flow.

After the jump, the winners of the Name That Flow Contest.

Third Place (tie):

Prize: Warrior NOZ Head


Collin McKenzie and Friend: FlowCovery

(Collin, please send us your friend’s name!)


Ethan Farrell: SuperFlow

Second Place:

Prize: Warrior Limited Edition Imperial Gloves


Danny Badolato: Tilt So Low You Need Echo Flowcation

Grand Prize Winner:

Prizes: Warrior Limited Edition Imperial Gloves, Warrior NOZ Head, and Warrior Krypto Pro Black Handle.


Brett Wilson: Flowfection

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thanks to everyone who sent in their photos! “