Paul Rabil’s Top 10 Betting Picks for This Weekend (If He Was Actually Allowed to Bet)

by 11 years ago


Anyone ever seen the movie “Two for the Money”? Both Al Pacino (an all-time favorite actor of mine) and Matthew McConaughy star in this movie about a New York high-rolling bookie business. If you are a big sports better, or even a big sports fan, it’s a pretty interesting movie. Although I’m not the biggest McConaughy fan (not even the least bit of a fan, actually), Al Pacino plays his unavoidable “mobster-like” role with his typical two-minute monologue in the end (and yes, just like every other movie, he kills it). Worth watching for that if nothing else. Anyway, this is the theme of this week’s blog. I’ve always wanted to put a bunch of money on 10 games that I think will hit, then reap the rewards. But (a) it was illegal while I was an NCAA participant, and (b), I believe it is still illegal to do so now. So, why don’t you all just trust me and let me know how it goes. I’ll give you my rationale behind each bet.

Navy (-14) over Army

Take Navy @ -14. It’s actually enticing to play the under here at 41. Let’s face it, Army can’t score, Navy runs the ball (and the clock), and both teams tend to butt heads pretty good every year. Either way, an exciting game.

Bengals vs. VIKINGS — OVER 43.5

Not sold on the Vikings after last week, but I am sold on the Bengals. This is a tricky line with the Vikes at home at -6.5. Over 43.5 seems like a lock to me though.

Broncos (+7) over COLTS

Colts at home giving 7 against the Broncos. I like the Broncos here to keep it close and potentially pull the upset. They did it against NE in the beginning of the year, and I think it’s time for the Colts. At worst, you’ll push.

CHIEFS (PK) over Bills

This is a pick em game. Take the home team, always. Go Chiefs.

PATRIOTS (-13) over Panthers; and OVER 44

Take the Pats at -13.5. They’re good for a two-score win. In fact, parlay this with the OVER… enough is enough for Coach Belichick. I’m sensing a big one for the Pats, they’ll score over 44 on their own.

Redskins vs. RAIDERS — OVER 37.5

Although some may be tempted to play this line, these may very well be the two most inconsistent teams in the NFL. One thing they have been doing in the past three weeks, though, is scoring. In Oakland, great weather, play the over at 37.5… Lock.

Eagles vs. GIANTS — OVER 44.5

Since I was a baby boy, this Sunday night game has been a shootout… so play the over at 44.5.

Chelsea vs. EVERTON — UNDER 2.5

Chels is atop the Premier League tables, but have been off form the past two weeks. Everton (and our boy Tim Howard) will be strong defensively at home… strong enough, that is. Chels wins 2-nil.

Tottenham vs. WOLVERHAMPTON — OVER 2.5

Take the over… PLEASE! Tottenham may hang six on these fools! Jermainnnnn Defooeeeee! My man missed a PK against Everton last weekend and will certainly be looking to inflict some pain on Wolves.

Barcelona vs. ESPANYOL — UNDER 3

Take the under in this game… Lionel Messi, potentially the best in the game, will not be fit to play in this away match. The two will battle back and forth in this slow-paced, possession Liga Match. It will be under 3 goals.

Let me know how you do! “