NSFW: The 13 Hottest Charity Calenders for 2010

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Tis the season for snatching up calenders with pictures of sexy women for charitable causes. However, you may not know where to start. The market of girlie calenders is oversaturated with photos of airbrushed models in tacky, dollar-store calenders you’d expect to see hanging behind the cigarette counter of a shady interstate truck stop. Back in November the BroBible crew told you about the red-hot Pirelli calender, one of the most coveted holiday items in Europe. Maxim, Playboy, Sports Illustrated and virtually every major men’s magazine on the face of the planet also boast a cheeky wall calender. This exhausting and ultra-hot genre also includes a series of NCAA conference girls calenders and the Brazilian surf-inspired Miss Reef calender.


But what about calenders showcasing beautiful women who are willing to strip down and bare all for a good cause such as Leukemia research, a la the 2003 movie Calender Girls? A provocative charitable wall calender is the ultimate two-way gift. Your money benefits a civic group, club, or charity for a great cause. In return, you receive a glossy calender stuffed with pin-up vixens and boudoir eye candy to drool and fawn over for the next 12 months in the comfortable confines of your man cave or dorm room.

In the spirit of holiday giving and warming up the pipes to sing “Auld Lang Syne” on New Years Eve, I rounded-up the 13 hottest charitable calenders on the market for 2010. While there are many middle age and senior citizen groups that are willing to strip down for a charity calendar in the United States, the trend has yet to take on with girls that are actually – um, how can I say this? – hot to the bro demographic. For better or for worse, the overwhelming majority of the calendars in this NSFW list are from the United Kingdom and Europe. The eye candy includes au naturale German farm girls, busty Oxford bookworms, attractive sports bra models, voluptuous Hooters Girls, steamy lingerie models, and bikini-clad airline stewardesses.

13. 2010 Team KALYX Calendar

Overview: If you tuned in to ABC’s new show “The Shark Tank” this past fall, you may already be familiar with Kimberly Cayce, a former NCAA All American golfer at Duke University. She is the entrepreneurial founder of Kalyx, a company that designs, producers, and retails high-quality sports bras to active women. Although her public pitch to drum up more cash for Kalyx was ultimately rejected, the Kalyx team of sexy athletic divas has launched a stylish 2010 calender to support the fight against breast cancer.

The Cause: $1 dollar from the sale of each calendar will be donated to City of Hope to support breast cancer research, treatment and education.

Where to Buy: Go KALYX and Amazon.com


12. The Foxy Hunters 2010 Calendar

Overview: The 2010 Foxy Hunters Calendar exhibits a group of equestrians from the United Kingdom who opted to saddle up without tights and riding breeches. These girls posed by the stables for both breast Cancer Research UK and two different helicopter ambulance services.

The Cause: Cancer Research UK, the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, and the Hampshire and Isle of Wright Air Ambulance

Where to Buy: The Foxy Hunters Calendar



11. Fromages-de-Terroirs “From’ Girl” 2010 Calendar

Overview: Here in the United States, cheese made from raw, unpasteurized milk is a contentious issue between foodies, craft cheesemakers, and the Food and Drug Administration. While unpasteurized dairy products may have a bad rap, consuming and producing gourmet cheese out of raw milk is a centuries old tradition in rural France. In order to promote French cheese, twelve sexy French dairymaids peeled down to their underwear and posed with wheels of provincial Brie for an artful calendar of pop art pin-ups. The annual wall calendar benefits the Association of Traditional French Cheese Makers.

The Cause: Proceeds benefit Fromages-de-Terroirs, a French non-profit dedicated to defending and protecting “what is left of the unique national heritage of French cheese.”

Where to Buy: 2010 From’ Girls Calendar


10. The 2010 Jo’s Trust Calendar

Overview: Jo’s Trust is a UK-based charity dedicated to helping women diagnosed with cervical cancer. A group of 20 Jo’s Trust supporters shed their clothes to be photographed for a provocative fund raising calendar. According to the Jo’s Trust website, many of the women pictured in the calendar have been personally affected by cervical cancer. It’s also interesting to note that some of the calendar’s pictures were taken in the nearby Nottingham Forest, the fictitious setting of Robin Hood’s adventures with his band of Merry Men.

The Cause: Jo’s Trust, an organization dedicated to helping cervical cancer victims in the United Kingdom.

Where to Buy: The Joe’s Trust Calendar and the Jo’s Trust Facebook Page



9. The Girls of Ryanair 2010 Calendar

Overview: RyanAir is a Dublin-based budget airline known for its ultra low fares, no frills service, and combative public relations tactics. The airline first published its controversial flight attendant calendar in 2008. At the time, UK Parliament member Mary Honeyball called the calendar sexist in an op-ed. This year, Ryanair’s calendar received flack for objectify female stereotypes by the National Women’s Council of Ireland. The airline stung back by calling the National Women’s Council of Ireland “anti-fun” and accusing them of “lacking any charity or Christmas cheer” in a press release. Ryanair spokesperson Stephen McNamara also added the budget airline “will continue to defend the right of girls to take their clothes off, particularly when it is for charity.” According to Ryanair’s original press release, the airline hopes to raise 110,000 Euros with the sexy calendar for the United Kingdom charity KIDS.”

The Cause: Proceeds benefit KIDS, a United Kingdom charity for disabled children.

Where to Buy: Ryanaircalendar.com



8. Amy Lu’s 2010 Calendar

Overview: Although relatively obscure in the United States, Amy Lu is a well-known adult magazine model in the United Kingdom and a Playboy UK Cyber Chick. Her solo calendar for 2010 boasts a sexy, indie rock sensibility. According to a post on Zoo Today, a portion of the calendar’s proceeds support cancer research in the United Kingdom and Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The Cause: Cancer Research and Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Where to Buy: Global Calendars



7. Norfolk Gliding Club 2010 Calendar

Overview: The Norfolk Gliding Club provides pilot lessons and glider airplane lessons from its base at an authentic World War II airfield in the pastures of Norfolk, England. The club’s “Tantalizing take-offs” 2010 calendar features scantly-clad and nekked ladies posing on a variety of aircraft. All of the women featured in the glossy pin up are friends and family of club members.

The Cause: Proceeds benefit the Norfolk Gliding Club

Where to Buy: Foxy Things 4 U



6. The 2010 Oxford Undressed Calendar

Overview: Arguably the United Kingdom’s most famous college town, Oxford is the alma mater of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. This past spring a group of brainy bookworms took a voluntary study break to pose in the buff for a black and white pictorial called “Oxford Undressed.” According to the London Daily Mail, the calendar is a fundraiser for the group TravelAid, a charity that provides aide for poverty-stricken nations.

The Cause: According to TravelAid’s website, at least 3 British Pounds from every calendar directly benefits projects in Cambodia, China, Ecuador, Georgia, India, Kenya, Nepal, Niger and Tanzania.

Where to Buy: Oxford Undressed



5. Wickedelic “Sweethearts” 2010 Charity Calender

Overview: Wickedelic, a United Kingdom-based lingerie retailer, has launched a sexy underwear calendar with lots of cleavage, cameo, and Union Jacks. The spread features 13 stunning Wickedelic Sweethearts photographed in lingerie. All of the calendar’s profits go to Help For Heroes and Combat Stress.

The Cause: All proceeds benefit Help for Heros, a charity for wounded British soldiers, and Combat Stress, a charity aiding British veterans suffering from combat trauma.

Where to Buy: Wickedelic Lingerie



4. Hooters Calender

Overview: Hooters may be best known for busty waitresses in skimpy clothing and a “delightfully tacky yet unrefined” approach to casual dining. However,Operation Calendar Drop proves the franchise is much more than buffalo wings, b**bs, and beer. The project is an opportunity for customers to send a personalized Hooters Calendar to United States troops stationed overseas. It’s really just a small salute honoring their bravery. This year’s 2010 calendar is stuffed with 188 beautiful Hooters Girls.

The Cause: United States Military morale

Where to Buy: Your local Hooters



3. 2010 North Devon Young Farmers Calendar

Overview: In August 2009, eleven beautiful young women got nekked in the picturesque English countryside for what the “London Daily Mail” called “a risque photo charity shoot.” According to the Daily Mail, the girls are members of the Young Farmers’ Club in North Devon, United Kingdom. In the calender, these stunning farmers daughters are shown bailing hay, milking cows, driving tractors, and performing other barnyard chores in the the nekked. All things considered, the group hopes to raise over 2,000 British Pounds – or about $3,200 dollars – for cancer research from the sale of the calendar.

The Cause: All of the proceeds from the calender benefit Cancer Research UK, the United Kingdom’s leading cancer charity.

Where to Buy: Unfortunately, you may have to skip across the Atlantic to the rural pastures of

southwestern United Kingdom, near Plymouth. A local news report in This is Western Morning has information on who to e-mail for a copy of the calendar. The paper also reports the calendars can be picked up at the New Inn at Roborough, United Kingdom.




2. Mormon Muffins 2010 Calender

Overview: “Hot Mormon Muffins” is what happens when a group of Mormon MILFs gets together to share recipes and support breast cancer. This kitschy calender is filled with muffin recipes and spicy pictures of Mormon women draped in aprons, oven mitts, and seasonal costumes. Despite being spearheaded by a breast cancer survivor, the pin-up project has predictably ruffled the feathers of the Church of Latter-day Saints.

The Cause: The sales of Hot Mormon Muffins will be donated to breast cancer research.

Where to Buy: Mormon’s Exposed




1. Association of Young Bavarian Farmers 2010 Young Farm Girls

Overview: Agriculture sure looks attractive in Germany. The Association of Young Bavarian Farmers 2010 calendar shows off seductive and self-confident female farmers posing in barnyards, farm house kitchens, and wheat fields of Germany’s Bavaria region. Germany’s English-language newspaper “The Local” calls the provocative calender “a tribute to pan-German pastoral beauty.” Inspired by a similar Austrian calendar, the Bavarian version originally debuted in 2005 and aims to breaks the antiquated peasant farmer stereotype.

The Cause: Proceeds benefit the Association of Young Bavarian Farmers

Where to Buy: Jungbauernkalender.de (website and order form in German only)





More photos at The Chive and The Local

If you know of any other girlie calenders with stunningly beautiful women and benefits a great charitable cause, let us know in the comments.