8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex During the Holidays

by 7 years ago

  1. 60% of women and 70% of men said they would buy their partner a gift to turn them on this holiday season.
  2. 72% of those surveyed have had sex in front of a fireplace.
  3. 18% have had sex in the snow (burr).
  4. 9% have had sex at an office holiday party (don't tell H.R.!)
  5. 58% of women surveyed would rather get caught having sex at their in-laws house than their parents house.
  6. 58% of women surveyed said their sex drive is higher during the holiday season.
  7. Of those surveyed, 22% whille have sex on a plane (we call bullshit), 21% on a train (I'm never using a bathroom on an NJ Transit train again), 22% on a boat (cruise ship reporter basis), and 79% in a car.
  8. 68% of men surveyed said sex is the best way to reliev holiday stress. 

So what's the place for holiday sex? In the comments, please.