This 8-Year-Old Bro Pushed and Pulled His Disabled Brother for an Entire Triathlon


Noah Aldrich recently decided that he was going to run a kids’ triathlon and he was going to do it while pushing and pulling his disabled, 6-year-old brother Lucas with him the entire time. Thing is…Noah is only 8-years old.

Lucas suffers from Lissencephaly, a rare disease which has robbed him of the ability to walk, talk, and eat on his own. But what the disease hasn’t robbed him of is having a brother like Noah.


“I like everything about him, he’s perfect,” said Noah about his little brother.

They do the things most brothers do together, like taking bike rides around the neighborhood and watching television.

“I like to watch cartoons, he likes to watch Mickey Mouse,” said Noah. “He’s just like every other kid out there.”

Hero stuff. 

The Aldrich family also has a charity to help others in similar situations. More on Lucas below. 

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