Almost 800,000 Brazzers Accounts Were Hacked So If You Pay For Porn Then Check This Report Out ASAP

by 4 years ago

I’ve got some good news and bad news for any bros out there that pay for porn. The bad news is that almost 800,000 Brazzers accounts were just hacked and the sensitive security details were exposed. The good news is 1) it’s 2016 and you can easily find porn for free, and 2) there’s a website that exists to tell you whether or not your information has been leaked in this MASSIVE hacking operation.

via VICE’s MotherBoard:

Nearly 800,000 accounts for popular porn site Brazzers have been exposed in a data breach. Although the data originated from the company’s separate forum, Brazzers users who never signed up to the forum may also find their details included in the dump.
Motherboard was provided the dataset by breach monitoring site for verification purposes. The data contains 790,724 unique email addresses, and also includes usernames and plaintext passwords. (The set has 928,072 entries in all, but many are duplicates.)
Matt Stevens, public relations manager from Brazzers, told Motherboard in an email, “This matches an incident which occurred in 2012 with our ‘Brazzersforum,’ which was managed by a third party. The incident occurred because of a vulnerability in the said third party software, the ‘vBulletin’ software, and not Brazzers itself.”
“That being said, users’ accounts were shared between Brazzers and the ‘Brazzersforum’ which was created for user convenience. That resulted in a small portion of our user accounts being exposed and we took corrective measures in the days following this incident to protect our users,” Stevens added.

To make a long story short, what happened was Brazzers shared some sensitive login information across their flagship site and the Brazzersforum, the forum was hacked and that’s where the breach occurred.

If you’ve ever made a Brazzers account and want to check if you’re sensitive data has been exposed in this breach you can head on over to the website Have I Been Pwned?. That site will tell you whether you’re data’s been released in this hack as well as some other high-profile data breaches over the past several years. If you’re a LifeLock member you would’ve been notified about this already because they’re awesome about contacting you and alerting you about these hacks/data breaches before your sensitive data ever hits the mainstream and it gives you a chance to change all of your passwords and login info before hackers share your data across the world wide web.

Here at BroBible, we actually checked this site out last Friday in relation to a LinkedIn data breach that just hit the web only to find out that most of us had been affected by either the LinkedIn hack or an older Adobe hack. Which goes to show that it’s almost alway advisable to sign up for a new site using a unique email address, which is a pain in the ass because you have to create a new email address but the alternative is you’ll eventually get hacked…so it might be worth it on sites where you’ll be embarrassed by damaging information surfacing. Again, I cannot recommend LifeLock enough for these situations because it gives you an invaluable buffer to change all of your passwords before your data is released thanks to LifeLock spending significant time in the Deep Web monitoring any and every data breach, alerting customers before their information is even exposed (you can check LifeLock out here).

…For more on this hack you can head on over to VICE’s MotherBoard