British Researchers Claim G-Spot Isn’t Real

by 9 years ago

[inline:2]When most of us are dicking down a fine-looking lady — one who probably isn’t fine looking in daylight or in a state of sobriety — we generally aim to please her. Not because we care about her or want her to share in our org*smic enjoyment but because we take pleasure in the ego boost that goes along with turning a girl’s box into a sopping wet rain forest and partially because no one wants a bad rap for being a shitty lay. So that is why most of us always try to hit the G-spot — an alleged point of sheer bliss located within women’s junk region near her pubic bone and around the corner from her cervical hood. But does the G-spot really exist?

Like donating money to charity, searching for a woman’s G-spot might just be a fruitless endeavor. Scientists are now saying that the G-spot does not exist at all. According to the largest study ever conducted on this topic, the G-spot is apparently just a mythical thing like unicorns and cirrhosis of the liver.

The new vag*nal research focused on British twins, identical and fraternal, between ages 23 and 83. Their attractiveness or lack thereof was not mentioned. British scientists reasoned that if one of the twins claimed to have a G-spot, then her sister should report having one as well. According to the Post, “More than 50 percent of the women — many of them young — did indeed insist they had a G-spot. But their sisters were no more likely to make the claim, the scientists said.” We never said the Brits were a brilliant people, but for what it’s worth, the results will be published this week in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Like most studies — that waste nauseating amounts of money on stupid shit no one cares about — this one is not without its critics. Rutgers professor and self-proclaimed G-spot aficionado, Beverly Whipple, scoffed at the research and even questioned its merits. She told The Post, “The best way to stimulate [someone’s G-spot] is with digital stimulation or a vibr*tor, and [the study] eliminated anyone who is in a bisexual or lesbo relationship, where digital stimulation is used most frequently.” Whipple also questions the positions used during the test, “Do [the women] all use the same position of intercourse? You have to use the woman on top, or rear entry, to stimulate the G-spot.” Seems to me that Bev is not only a selfish lover but she prefers beast mode over missionary.

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