The 5 Most Shocking Moments of the AVN Awards

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The 27th annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and Awards kicked off yesterday at the Palms in Las Vegas. This January extravaganza of skin, silicone, and sex on camera is known as the Oscars of the adult entertainment industry. It’s a chance for the movers and shakers of the adult entertainment industry to toast their own during an award show and celebrate their chosen profession with a weekend-long convention/orgy of general debauchery.


Both the expo and award show is open to the public. It’s a chance for skin flick fans and tech geeks (who also happen to be in Vegas for the annual international CES convention) to acquaint themselves with their favorite video vixens. Last year adult entertainment stars such as Jenna Haze and Savannah Stern gleefully signed autographs and posed for snapshots on the convention center floor. On Saturday, the award show will be hosted by Kayden Kross, Kirsten Price, Dave Attell, and Baby Bash. If you’re headed to Vegas this weekend, we found tickets to the award show on Las Vegas Craigslist running between $250 and $300, as well as VIP passes to numerous after-show parties.

Since the bacchanalian festivities began in 1984, the AVNs have become more and more popular. The event now attracts Hollywood luminaries and is broadcast on Showtime. Despite its mainstream success, the adult entertainmento Oscars still has the ability to surprise. In an industry where “to shock” typically involves the index finger, the middle finger, and the pinky, these are five of the AVNs most jaw-dropping moments that didn’t involve fellatio.

Jenna Jameson Calls It Quits


Jenna Jameson shocked the AVNs in 2008 when she announced “Honesty is key. I will never, ever, ever spread my legs again in this industry again. Ever!” Although Jameson may be one of the most popular and financially successful adult entertainers of all time, her retirement announcement was instantly booed by a hostile crowd. Despite leaving the world of adult film, the AVN’s mainstream crossover award continues to be named in honor of the former queen bee of the adult entertainment industry.

AVNs Introduce a “Safe Sex” Category


There are 125 categories up for grabs at this year’s AVN Awards, including new starlet, most outrageous sex scene, and the best tease performance of the year. In 1998 the AVNs introduced nominees for a “Safe Sex” category. Obviously adult entertainment isn’t known for its cautious use of rubber naughty bags, so the Safe Sex” category was quickly discontinued only two years later.

Screech Admits He’s (sort of) a Porn Star



Dustin Diamond’s career may have peaked over a 15 years ago as Screech on “Saved by the Bell.” In 2006 a sex tape began to circulate online featuring everyone’s favorite dork from Bayside High. At the time, there were rumors the tape was a publicity stunt to elevate the fledgling actor’s profile. However, these reports were never confirmed. Last year, he showed up at the AVNs and told blogger Robin Leach, “Yes it was me, but it was never meant for public viewing. ” He also told Leach that the tape has inspired him to make a career change as a adult entertainment director. “I support the industry and although I won’t act in one of these things I will direct some X-rated product. I’ll leave the on-screen acting to the professionals.”

Larry Flynt and Joe Francis Ask for $5 Billion Dollar Government Bail Out for Porn Industry


“Bailout” may have been one of the most overused words in 2009. However, that didn’t stop both the Girls Gone Wild CEO and Hustler magazine publisher from signing a joint letter to Congress at the 2009 AVNs. The letter requested $5 billion from the federal government to keep the adult entertainment industry afloat during difficult economic times.

According to Las Vegas Weekly, Joe Francis justified the industry’s need for a bailout: “The popularity of adult entertainment in America has grown steadily for the past half century. Its emergence into the mainstream of popular culture suggests that the U.S. government should actively support the adult industry’s survival and growth, just as it feels the need to support any other industry cherished by the American people.”

Flynt should win a Woody for the most outstanding pull quote: “People are too depressed to be sexually active. This is very unhealthy as a nation. Americans can do without cars and such, but they cannot do without sex. It’s time for Congress to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America. The only way they can do this is by supporting the adult industry and doing it quickly.

David Foster Wallace Covers the Awards



In January 1998, the late David Foster Wallace — the critically acclaimed author of the bestselling book “Infinite Jest” — headed to Vegas to cover the AVNs for Premiere Magazine. Originally titled “Neither Adult nor Entertainment,” Wallace’s 12-page report on the event is celebrated as a colorful and humorous, yet deeply serious take on the spectacle. The article helped to catapult the ceremony into the popular limelight by comparing the AVN Awards to its Tinseltown equivalent, the Academy Awards. Predictably, Wallace’s piece pissed off the adult entertainment industry. The AVNs released a statement calling the article “a shoddy piece of journalism, rife with errors and innuendo.” In 2006, the entire piece was extended, renamed “Big Red Son,” and republished in “Consider the Lobster,” an anthology of Wallace’s essays and long-form journalism. An excerpt can be read here. The piece in its entirety can be read here.


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