25 Hot Celebrities Whose Name Anagrams We Love

by 10 years ago

Normally we can’t stand the little games and quizzes that pop up on our Facebook feeds, but this weekend one caught our eye: an anagram maker. Type in your name, and it gives you the best possible re-arrangement of the letters. We went through our entire family and most of our friends, and then we put BroBible through the ringer and liked what we saw.


So why not hot celebrities? Check out the mixed-up names of Adriana Lima and 24 more beautiful babes after the jump. Some are better than ours; our favorites are those of Angelina, Britney, Brooklyn, Heidi, and Rachel…


Adriana Lima = I AM A LIAR AND


Angelina Jolie = I JOIN ANAL GLEE


Bar Refaeli = IF RARE ABLE


Beyonce = BEEN COY


Britney Spears = BEST PR IN YEARS


Brooklyn Decker = CORKED, BROKENLY


Charlize Theron = HAZE OR RICH LENT


Danica Patrick = PARK ACID ANTIC


Elisha Cuthbert = CELIBATE THRUSH


Emannuelle Chriqui = I’M QUEER, ALIEN LUNCH


Halle Berry = BY RARE HELL


Gisele Bundchen = BENIGN SCHEDULE


Heidi Klum = KID HELIUM


Katie Holmes = HOMIEST LAKE


Jenna Jameson = JAM JEANS NONE


Jessica Alba = JAIL ACE BASS


Jessica Biel = A SLICES JIBE


Joanna Krupa = A JUNK OR A PAN


Lindsay Lohan = HANDILY LOANS


Megan Fox = FOX NAG ME


Natalie Portman = AN ANIMAL POTTER


Paris Hilton = IN HIS PATROL


Rachel McAdams = CALM AS CHARMED


Scarlett Johansson = NOT JAR NOT. CASHLESS


Sienna Miller = MANLIER LINES

Got a better anagram for one of the ladies above? Leave it in the comments below. Or figure out the anagram for your Bro Alias or anyone else’s name and drop it in the Comments… “