British Girls Do Not Bundle Up When Partying in a Blizzard

by 10 years ago

[inline:130] A snow storm and sub-zero temperatures blasted parts of Great Britain over the weekend, with parts of the isle receiving more than 16 inches. Today the London Daily Mail, Fleet Street’s second biggest newspaper, published a humorous photo essay of British girls party-hoping during the Arctic snap. Generally speaking, the photos are far from flattering. The newspaper even decided to run a photo of a girl passed out in the snow wearing little more than a miniskirt. Careful observers will also notice that her face is smeared with makeup. It’s fascinating Britons would opt to bare so much skin on a Saturday night in January. After all, isn’t England the iconic homeland of the London Fog pea coat and Burberry trench coat?

More pictures of shivering ladies and a reveler asleep on the snow after the jump.

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Images via Daily Mail