Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Competitive Spit Takes’ Yet Another Reason Why He Needs to Stay on Late Night

by 9 years ago


Lost in all the talk about NBC’s Leno-Conan clusterf*ck is what’s going to happen to Jimmy Fallon’s show. If Leno takes a half-hour at 11:35, and Conan stays at the “Tonight Show” after that, then Fallon only gets moved 30 minutes to 1:05, and that’s probably O.K. by him. But what happens if both Leno and Conan go the full hour? Does Fallon get stuck in Carson Daly’s 1:35 slot with just 22 minutes of airtime? And am I the only person in America who actually cares? Seriously, does anyone else out there watch “Fallon?”

What exactly do I like about Fallon? He’s a young guy who actually knows how to use the computer on his desk (he’s got more than 2 million Twitter followers); he loves sports (Big Papi was on last night) and video games (he beat Tiger Woods at his own game last year); he’s tuned in to the latest pop culture buzz without having to read it off the cue cards; he somehow manages to jam-pack his show with great guests and even better music acts; and he’s also a big fan of the New York restaurant and bar scene, giving prime exposure to top chefs and mixologists. He’s also a solid interviewer, he’s got The Roots as his in-house band, and he does recurring segments like last night’s “Competitive Spit Takes,” the hilarious video of which is below. The only thing I don’t like about the show is how terrible his audiences seem to be. They never quite laugh at the jokes they should be laughing at. Or at least as hard as they should be laughing. It drives me nuts. Then again, maybe the reason is that I’m the only one who finds him funny. What do you guys think of Fallon’s show?