Ohio State’s Bench-Warming/Blogger Extraordinaire Mark Titus Shows He Still Has Game

by 10 years ago


As a walk-on guard for the Ohio State men’s basketball team, Mark “The Shark” Titus has never been in a SportsCenter highlight reel or Top 10 list. Despite his general lack of playing time, Titus blew up as an online celebrity thanks to his blog, Club Trillion, where he chronicles his experience “from the end of the bench.” Club Trillion is rich with intelligent commentary about college basketball and lighthearted, self-depreciating anecdotes about his experience as a bench warmer for the Buckeyes. It’s nothing short of a must read for any college hoops fan. Back in December, ESPN called Club Trillion “the most popular player-written college hoops blog in the world.”

Read more and check out The Shark’s newest video, “Mr. Rainmaker,” after the jump.

In hoops terminology, “one trillion” is a term for a player who doesn’t record a statistic after playing one minute. The player’s box score would be a one followed by twelve zeros, or a trillion. According to a New York Times profile this past December, Titus fans have actually jeered and booed him for chalking up rebounds that ruin his statistical status as a member in the trillion club.

The Times also points out that the Indiana native was recruited to play basketball at Harvard, except he missed one question on the math section of the SAT. After landing in Columbus, he started as a manager for the Ohio State basketball team before being asked to join the team as a walk-on. He went along for the Buckeye’s ride to the Final Four in 2007. Although Club Trillion has been around since 2008, the blog caught on like wildfire after Sports Guy Bill Simmons invited The Shark to do an interview for his weekly B.S. Report podcast. Since then, he’s received considerable media attention. Now Titus boasts more Twitter followers than UNC’s wildly popular NBA hopeful, Ed Davis, and has raised over $10,000 for the charity A Kid Again by selling Club Tril T-shirts online.

Unfortunately, a media relations representative from Ohio State University denied BroBible an opportunity to interview the 6-4 senior. Despite the rejection, we still would still like to send #34 a congratulations for Club Trillion breaking the two million visitors marker. In celebration of hitting the two-million milestone, The Shark’s made a YouTube video showing off his game. Check it out below.

Pic via twitter.com/clubtrillion