Japanese Animation of the Conan-Leno Debacle, Trailer for ‘MacGruber,’ and a Sick Hockey Goal

by 10 years ago

We have three fantastic videos on tap for this evening’s late night boredom buster. Earlier today I told you about a Japanese animation version of the Conan vs. Leno Late Night War. The hilarious spoof was made by the same digital cartoonist who digitized the Tiger Woods saga last month. Spoiler alert: Conan transforms into a green, Hulk-like beast and there’s a battle royal with an animated Jeff Zucker at the end. This video will probably explode across the internet tomorrow and eventually get worked into a few late night routines throughout the week. Here’s the entire video for your late night viewing pleasure.

Check out the trailer for MacGruber and a sick hockey goal after the jump.

It’s been quite a while since a Saturday Night Live sketch has been adapted into a movie. Today the trailer for Will Forte’s “MacGrube” finally hit the Internet. “MacGruber” is SNL’s popular spoof of MacGyver, everyone’s favorite mulleted secret agent from the 80s. The movie is set to release on April 23 and features Kristen Whig as MacGruber’s love interest and Val Kilmer as the villain.

Even non-hockey fans will appreciate the incredible assist and stick work in this highlight clip from last week’s ECHL action in Victoria, Canada.

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