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We’re continuing our new daily feature in which we mine through all of the day’s story comments, and pick a few of our favorites. Check out today’s selections after the jump.

Story: 40 One-Hit Wonders: ‘I’m Too Sexy,’ ‘Who Let the Dogs Out,’ and More

Bro Alias: briowa-state-bro

Comment: First off this is for the most party a great contemporary list of one-hit wonders. But several songs on the list are the artist’s biggest hit, but not their only hit. Not to say that these are really any people that I listen to, but I do think Semisonic, Gnarles Barkley, Vanilla Ice, James Blunt, D4L, OkGo, Mims, Macy Gray, I all think had some hits, but the list does include their biggest songs. Also, JoJo, not that she ever made a good song, but she is in a new song by Timbaland called “Lose Control” which is actually a decent song, well its a good track and JoJo just kinda ruins it.

Respect to the list, but I just thought it needed to be said.

Story: The Girls of Indiana University

Bro Alias: Maslow

Comment: I unfortunately did not attend IU, but my good friend did. I can can confirm everyting in this article, except for the A+ intelligence. I visited once and…well let’s just say C+ would have been more accurate.

I definitely agree with the chillness rating. The babes there are usually down for smoking copious amounts of the locally-grown herb.

Story: The 15 Hottest WAGS of Highly Successful Billionaires

Bro Alias: Northern Bro

Comment: Maybe I’m just spoiled from all the eye candy on this site, but I was unimpressed by most of these ladies. Billionaires are the richest guys in the world, so I thought they’d have the hottest chicks. In most of these cases, they aren’t that great. Seems like rock stars and athletes, although not billionaires, get better tail. The moral: trophy women are not only about the money (though that’s a requirement), they also want power and, most importantly, FAME (because FAME = ATTENTION and women love the attention).

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