BroBible’s Guide to State of the Union Betting and Drinking Games

by 9 years ago


You don’t have to be a K Street lobbyist to cash in on politics. You also don’t need the genes or the liver of a Kennedy to enjoy drinking along with your politics. Tonight’s State of the Union address is an opportunity to combine three vices at once — booze, betting, and dirty, sexy politics — without having to fly to Sin City as an elected public servant. We’re pretty sure there’s a depraved yet kinky State of the Union sex game out there as well, we’re just not sure where we can find it (Waffles, any tips?).

Betting cash money on politics is perhaps just as tried and true an American tradition as baseball and apple pie. Today an Irish online bookmaker called “Paddy Power” announced it is offering odds on tonight’s State of the Union address. Right now Paddy Power is facilitating bets ranging from the color of President Obama’s tie to the length of his speech. Currently there are 50 to 1 odds on that Obama will be wearing a stars and stripes tie. There are 250 to 1 odds that the Commander-in-Chief will open up his first State of the Union with “Let’s get ready to rumble.” “War on terror” carries a 14 to 1 payout as the opening topic and “Health care reform” carries a safe yet somewhat lucrative purse with 4 to 1 odds. After the jump, we’ve posted an entire guide to State of the Union drinking games as well as the entire set of odds from Paddy Power so you can field unwieldy, real-time bets from all your friends who happen to be tuned in for tonight’s action on Capital Hill.

Here’s a helpful hint for betting intelligently on tonight’s speech: Obama is quickly losing political capital, so “stump speech” statements are highly unlikely in order to appease the moderate majority.


As any poli-sci major or political soapbox blogger will tell you, drinking also goes hang-in-hand with the State of the Union address. The wizards at the Huffington Post have already outlined a game that calls for antics such as drinking one shot if Nancy Pelosi claps like a seal or doing two shots if Obama says “jobs” and you’re unemployed.

If Obama yells back at an unruly congressional audience — similar to last year when South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson yelled “You Lie!” — you get to tilt back the entire bottle of hooch. In addition to the Huffington Post’s suggestions, we’re provided a roundup of links to other State of the Union drinking games found in the blogosphere. Of course, we’re always open for ideas of new, innovative drinking games, so feel free to unleash in the comments. It goes without saying that we don’t endorse underage drinking and want you to know your limits. There’s nothing we hate more than drunk drivers and we absolutely, positively do not want you to get behind the wheel tonight if you choose to drink.

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    Length of State of the Union Speech

    11/2 Under 45 Min

    8/1 45.00 – 47 Min

    5/1 47.01 – 49 Min

    7/2 49.01 – 51 Min

    9/4 51.01 – 53 Min

    11/4 53.01 – 55 Min

    4/1 Over 55 Min

    Color of Obama’s Tie

    11/10 Red

    6/4 Blue

    6/1 Silver

    8/1 Pink

    10/1 Green

    12/1 Purple

    18/1 Orange

    20/1 Yellow

    25/1 Black

    50/1 Gold

    100/1 Stars & Stripes

    Cliche betting — what will he say first?

    4/1 Health Care Reform

    12/1 As I stand here today

    12/1 Fundamental belief

    12/1 Defining moment

    12/1 God Bless America

    14/1 Let me be clear

    14/1 War on terror

    14/1 Politics of hope

    14/1 Common purpose

    16/1 Crossroads of history

    16/1 I have a dream

    16/1 Pursuit of happiness

    16/1 I’m fired up

    16/1 Building a better America

    18/1 My civil liberties

    18/1 Same old politics

    18/1 Core Values

    18/1 Hungry for change

    18/1 It won’t be easy

    20/1 Honor for me

    20/1 Safe from harm

    20/1 Don’t get me wrong

    20/1 Decent shot at life

    25/1 There are better days ahead

    25/1 Challenges that face us

    25/1 Make Washington work

    25/1 Hard to believe

    25/1 We cannot lose hope

    25/1 We can be one people

    25/1 We’ll have to make hard choices

    25/1 Make college more affordable

    33/1 For far too long

    33/1 Beacon of freedom

    33/1 All men are created equal

    33/1 Faith in simple dreams

    33/1 Jobs to the jobless

    33/1 In the words of John F. Kennedy

    33/1 All of them with a story to tell

    33/1 Divided, we are bound to fail

    33/1 Where North, South, East and West come together

    33/1 Washington has a long way to go

    33/1 Reshapes our economy

    33/1 Let us transform this nation

    40/1 Homes to the homeless

    40/1 A new direction

    40/1 Deepest gratitude

    40/1 We all made this journey for a reason

    40/1 There is power in words.

    40/1 There is power in conviction.

    40/1 Willing to listen to each other

    40/1 We can work together to keep our country safe

    50/1 Abiding faith

    50/1 Possibilities of this nation

    50/1 Greatness of our nation

    50/1 Believe in what this country can be

    50/1 In the face of despair, you believe there can be hope

    50/1 Unity is the great need of the hour

    50/1 Serve as a model for the world

    50/1 The vehicle, of your hopes, and your dreams

    66/1 Legacy of our forbearers

    66/1 Doors of opportunity

    66/1 Brighter day will come

    66/1 Where I learned the meaning of my Christian faith

    66/1 Disagree without being disagreeable

    66/1 Let us be the generation that begins that work

    80/1 Diversity of my heritage

    80/1 Promise of future generations

    80/1 Overcome the adversity

    80/1 We have more work to do

    100/1 Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names

    100/1 An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind

    250/1 Let’s get ready to rumble

    250/1 Life is like a box of chocolates

    250/1 I won’t seek re-election

    500/1 Always bet on black! “