When Should a Man Consider Marriage?

by 9 years ago

Editor’s Note: Like most of you, we’ve got big ideas and aspirations for 2010; and yet, we don’t always have all the answers. So we’ve asked an oracle among Bros, Danny Brocean, to offer up one small nugget of Bro wisdom each day — a fortune cookie of insight, if you will. We hope you find them just as useful as we do.

In the January 2008 Edition of Men’s Journal, Bill Zehme interviewed Jack Nicholson. This week we devote the entire sleeve of Fortune Cookies to the incomparable Oracle Jack.

[inline:fortune]Q. When should a man consider marriage?

A. I have no theory on this. We know that a woman’s actual cycle of infatuation is nine months; this is not psychological but in her genetic makeup. And your corresponding cycle, or sexual cycle, whatever you want to call it, is 20 minutes? An hour? We have more in common with a male dog than we do with a woman in this department.