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We’re continuing our new daily feature in which we mine through all of the day’s story comments, and pick a few of our favorites. Check out today’s selections after the jump.

Story: Duke Frat Dogs Bash Durham Social Scene, Try to Move in On UNC Girls

Bro Alias: brobongo

Comment: Here’s the e-mail they sent rushees……

Luxury. Prestige. Intrigue. Are you currently reading a fraternity

pamphlet or the back of an Oliver Stone film? Should it matter?

Exactly. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded deep in the heart

of the antebellum South, a land where steamboats, seersucker,

and Mark Twain-style iconography reigned supreme. Since those

storied days, AE has become the largest, finest Greek-letter

national fraternity in these United States. Whether were holding

a black-tie soiree with our illustrious alumni or merely enjoy-

ing imported tobacco and a round of croquet on the quad, our

brothers always keep it refined. We tend to spend most of our

time debating the merits of Phillips Exeter versus Andover, while

fondly reminiscing about our grandfathers roles in the Bretton

Woods Conference. So if youd sooner celebrate because your

fraternity brother just got a Goldman offer than because you

won a game of intramural kickball, you could possibly be

an AE.

Story: J.D. Salinger, Author of ‘Catcher in the Rye,’ Dead at 91

Bro Alias: Brolden

Comment: JD Salinger had a lot to do with what we interpret as a BRO. Catcher in the Rye was the first palatable read in school. RIP CHAY D BROLINGER

Story: Waffles McButter’s 10-Step Guide to Breaking Up With a Girl

Bro Alias: Maslow

Comment: 11. Before breaking up, join a fraternity at Penn State so that you can have some guaranteed Theta poon.

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