Jersey Shore’ Will Be Back, but Where and With Which Cast Members?

by 9 years ago

Are you having “Jersey Shore” withdrawals? Don’t worry, so are we. It’s only been 12 days since the finale and we’ve been starved to gather as much insider information as possible. The good news is that the cast is coming back after having agreed to new contracts worth $10,000 per episode. The question now is where they will film the second season. MTV wants to jump on the show’s popularity and air the second season during the late summer months, which means filming should commence imminently.

The ideas being thrown out there are Miami, the Hamptons, and Malibu, because the sad reality is the show can’t be filmed at the Jersey Shore. They didn’t go to the beach while they were there anyway, so that’s not the problem. We all know the tanning salon is open year round. The problem is Karma and Headliners just aren’t (fist) pumping in the dead of winter. There’s no beach for the gorillas to wander around. There’s no surf shop for the crew to work at. For all those reasons the Hamptons should be stricken from the list as well, but could be open for consideration for season three, to be aired during the winter.

The other overlying issue is the cast will now get recognized everywhere when the season starts filming again. That’ll mean more fights (good), but more hecklers trying to get on camera (bad). It will likely prevent the cast from being able to act like themselves when out drinking (very bad). Shipping them down to Miami or Malibu wouldn’t exactly get rid of that problem. I’d personally send them overseas to another country. The weather isn’t good enough in Europe right now, plus the cast would have to deal with the ever-present anti-American sentiment. My vote is to send them down to Australia or South America for a month. It’d be hilarious watching The Situation work game speaking Spanish or running his lines to a hot Aussie chick who’d have no idea what he’s talking about.

Angelina apparently wants back into the mix after realizing that she left a great thing behind. MTV is playing things smart by keeping their options open. There is a deep hatred among the viewers for Angelina and MTV realizes it might not be in their best interests to bring her back with the other seven cast members. Then again, she could add more drama, which is never a bad thing. I’d personally like to keep her thunder thighs on the sideline because all she did was b*tch, moan, and cock-block The Situation. Why not bring in a new eighth cast member to shake things up a bit?

In the meantime, we can all enjoy the little things. Pick up The Situation’s new cologne, because it doesn’t smell like pickles or ham and it will likely give you a conversation starter with the ladies. “