Would You Ever Pay For Someone’s Virginity?

by 8 years ago

A 19-year old student in New Zealand is auctioning off her virginity to pay for college. According to the report, she has received more than 1,200 propositions, including one offer over $35,000 USD. Although there’s no picture evidence, she describes herself in the ad as “attractive, fit, and healthy.” Of course, these kind of sex-for-cash news stories are not new. Johns have been paying and bartering for tail since practically the beginning of time. After all, there’s a reason why prostitution is know as the “oldest profession.” For example, last year a 22-year-old college graduate captured headlines when she received a $3.7 million offer to have sex for the first time. According to reports, she planned to use the money to fund a master’s degree. The famed Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada arranged the multimillion dollar sex-for-cash transaction. So bros, here’s today’s question of the day: Would you ever pay for someone’s virginity? If so, how much?


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