Playlist: Every Song Ever Used in an iPod or iPhone Commercial

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Apple is the world leader in computing technology, consistently releasing amazing new products that we didnt even know we wanted. To sell all those products, Apple’s commercials take uplifting, relatively unheard of songs and turn them into pure ear sex. The result is a collection of award-winning commercials that are instantly recognizable and impossible to shake out of your head. A playlist of every song Apple has used in their iPod and iPhone commercials is after the jump.


The Submarines — “Submarine Symphonika”

Miss Li — “Bourgeois Shangri-La”

Tommy Sparks — “She’s Got Me Dancing”

Matt Costa — “Mr. Pitiful”

Jack Johnson — “If I Had Eyes”

The Submarines — “You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie”

Franz Ferdinand — “No You Girls”

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour — “Around the Bend”

Chairlift — “Bruises”

Coldplay — “Viva la Vida”

The Ting Tings — “Shut Up and Let Me Go”

Brendan Benson — “What I’m Looking For”

Mary J. Blige — “Work That”

CSS — “Music is My Hot, Hot Sex”

The Bird And The Bee — “La La La”

Feist — “1234”

Orba Squara — “Perfect Timing”

Paul McCartney — “Dance Tonight”

The Fratellis — “Flathead”

Prototypes — “Who’s Gonna Sing”

Cut Chemist — “The Audience Is Listening”

Bob Dylan — “Someday Baby”

Wolfmother — “Love Train”

Rinocerose — “Cubicle”

Wynton Marsalis — “Sparks”

Eminem — “Lose Yourself”

U2 — “Original Of The Species”

Gorillaz — “Feel Good Inc.”

Daft Punk “Technologic”

Caesars — “Jerk it Out”

U2 — “Vertigo”

Ozomatli — “Saturday Night”

Steriogram — “Walkie Talkie Man Karaoke”

Feature Cast — “Channel Surfing”

Jet — “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”

N.E.R.D. — “Rockstar”

The Vines — “Ride”

Black Eyed Peas — “Hey Mama”

Propellerheads — “Take California” “


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