13-Year-Old Delaware Quarterback David Sills Commits to USC

by 10 years ago


Remember the scene in “Wayne’s World” where Wayne and Garth are being magically whisked around the world via bluescreen, and suddenly stop in Delaware. “Hi, I’m in Delaware,” deadpans Wayne. Point being? Other than killer tax breaks, U of D, and Dewey Beach, there’s, er, not much in Delaware.

Just don’t tell that to David Sills of Bear, Delaware. The 13-year-old, six-foot star quarterback just committed — not to a local high school or First State prep school — but to USC. That’s right, Lane Kiffin just signed a 13 year old to the Trojan Class of 2019.

Sills’ personal coach Steve Clarkson told ESPN that when Kiffin asked him his opinion of the recruit, he said, “You might call me crazy, but you’ve known me a long time, right? And when I said if there was going to be a LeBron James of football it’d be Jimmy Clausen that turned out to be a pretty good prediction. And when I said Matt Barkley had the potential to be as good as Jimmy, he ended up winning Gatorade Player of the Year as a junior and starting at USC as a freshman, right? Well, I’ve got a kid now who is better than all of them and he’s in Delaware. You gotta take a look at him.”

YouTube video of Sills is after the jump. Pretty impressive for a 13 year old.