German Brewery Blitzes For the World Record With A 40% A.B.V. Beer

by 10 years ago

[inline:1]In late December, the German brewery Schorschbrau announced a beer with roughly the same 80-proof booze level as a shot of whiskey. Boasting a powerful A.B.V. of 40%, the high-octane brewski is currently being toasted by connoisseurs as the world’s strongest beer. Reviews on claim that Schorschbrau’s “Schorschbock” is “so strong it brings you to tears,” despite its sweet, sugary taste. The craft brewery’s website declares that the intense beer is brewed in accordance to Germany’s historic purity laws, famously known as “Reinheitsgebot”. If you’re on a quest to score a six-pack for Super Bowl Sunday, good luck; only about forty .33 liter bottles have been produced to date. A bar in Glasglow, Scotland is selling glasses of the potent concoction for about $15. Because quantities of the specialty beer are sparse, customers are limited to one shot.

Over the last few years, Schorschbrau has been on a boozy crusade to create the world’s strongest beer. The brewery currently holds the record for the strongest wheat beer and strongest lager, which measures in at a mind-numbing 31% a.b.v. This past November, Schorschbrau was briefly de-throned from the title when the Scotland’s BrewDog unveiled a beer called “Tactical Nuclear Penguin.” The double cask-matured imperial stout earned significant media buzz on Thanksgiving for its astounding 32.5% a.b.v. It only held the distinction for a month before Schorschbrau dramatically ousted BrewDog by 8% for the number-one spot.

Here in the United States, boundary-pushing beers such as Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Schorschbock are extremely difficult to come by. If you’re on a quest to discover a powerful new sudsy libation this weekend, there are still quite a few accessible selections with a.b.v.’s pushing over the 15% mark. According to, the strongest beer currently available in the United States is an English Barley Wine dubbed “Dave.” It’s crafted by the Hair of the Dog Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon, and packs a powerful 29% a.b.v. If you’re not in the Northwest, it’s pretty difficult to track down. Sam Adam’s “Utopia” specialty beer earns the number-four spot on the list with a 27% a.b.v. It’s also known for its limited availability. Although other regional American microbrews dot Beer Advocate’s Top 25 strongest beers, Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute IPA is arguably the most widely distributed beer (and thus, the easiest to obtain) on the list. The 120 Minute IPA earns the #23 slot with a solid 18% a.b.v. “