Who Would You Rather? Super Bowl XLIV Cheerleader Edition

by 10 years ago


There’s roughly 48 hours until the kickoff of Super Bowl XLIV and yet, there are many questions still lingering about the big game. Is Dwight Freeneys ankle going to hold up? Does anyone actually know what XLIV translates to? Will Drew Brees bring the Lombardi Trophy to Bourbon Street or is Peyton Manning going to play spoiler while solidifying his place among the NFL greats?

These are all great questions, but maybe you are the kind of guy who just doesnt give a shit about the outcome. Maybe you’re a distraught Jets fan who is only interested in the game for the booze, food, and commercials of The Situation and Peyton Manning. So today we want to ask a question that every heterosexual male –regardless of his football allegiances — might want to answer, Who Would You Rather? The Saints cheerleaders or the Colts? Sound off about that and who you have winning the game (if you care) in the comments.

To help you with your decision, we included lots of pics after the jump.

New Orleans Saints








Indianapolis Colts







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