It’s Finally Super Bowl Weekend!

by 10 years ago

I once heard the Super Bowl heralded as “prom for adults, but crazier and drunker.” Here at BroBible, we couldn’t agree with the accuracy of that statement more.The anxiously awaited day of football, feasting, and epic levels of afternoon/early evening booze-consumption gets underway in less than 48-hours. Sunday may not be an official holiday, but it’s damn might as well be one. Like Christmas, Cinco De Mayo, and the Fourth of July, the Super Bowl only comes once a year, so up party it up right. Whether you’re lucky enough to attend the big game in Miami, heading to the Wing Bowl in Philadelphia, or jetting out to Vegas for a debauched weekend of gambling, having fun (and be safe) out there. If you need a safe ride home in New York City, please check out You The Man NYC, a service that helps connect designated drivers. Trailers for this weekend’s movies after the jump

When we first posted a trailer for “Frozen” in anticipation of its premiere at Sundance, a commenter asked if the trailer was a joke. It wasn’t. The low-budge thriller opens this weekend at the multiplex. The basic premise for “Frozen” is about as gimmicky as it gets: three friends who get stuck on a ski lift after the resort closes for the weekend. Essentially, it’s “Open Water” but with blizzards and howling wolves instead of waves and sharks. It might be up you’re alley if your jonesing for a snowy, worst-case scenario scare flick before the Winter Olympics kick off next week.

Although reviews have been far from stellar, “From Paris With Love” appears to be this weekend’s biggest popcorn action flick. John Travolta plays a trigger happy CIA agent assigned to uncover a big case in the City of Lights. If neither “Frozen” nor “From Paris With Love” have any appeal, there’s always “Dear John,” a misty-eyed date movie is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. The movie is about the trials and tribulations of a love-struck military couple who writes World War II-style letters to and from the front lines of war.

Super Bowl XLIV

Sunday, 6:25 P.M.: New Orleans Saints vs. Indonapolis Colts (CBS) “