The 25 Hottest Western Europeans at the 2010 Winter Olympics

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After crisscrossing its way across Canada for 106 days, tonight the ceremonial Olympic torch relay comes to an end in Vancouver. On Monday we kicked off our countdown to the Winter Games with a round up of the 15 hottest Scandinavian athletes. Yesterday we continued by toasting the 15 hottest athletes in the host country of Canada. Today we are showcasing the 25 hottest female Olympians from Western Europe. Our list includes two pages of the hottest smoke shows from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, and France ranked in no particular order. Check back tomorrow for the sexiest international competitors from Eastern Europe and beyond.


Carolina Kostner

Age: 23

Sport: Figure skating




Anna Cappellini

Age: 22

Sport: Figure skating


Jessica Gillarduzzi

Age: 29

Sport: Bobsled



Oceane Pozzo

Age: 20

Sport: Snowboarding





Claire Chapotot

Age: 20

Sport: Snowboarding


Ingrid Jacquemod

Age: 31

Sport: Alpine skiing



Nastasia Noens

Age: 21

Sport: Alpine skiing



Nathalie Pechalat

Age: 26

Sport: Figure skating

[inline:16] [inline:17]

Sophie Rodriguez

Age: 21

Sport: Snowboarding



Isabelle Delobel

Age: 31

Sport: Figure skating



Isabelle Pieman

Age: 26

Sport: Figure skating



Click here for the Hottest Olympic Women from Great Britain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Germany


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