Anne Hathaway, Baby Seals in New Jersey, Top 10 Duke vs. UNC Games, John Mayer Talks Porn

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  • Anne Hathaway does GQ Britain. [Egotastic]
  • 100 photos of Kelly Brook DJ Mick]
  • An epic gallery of Katia Ivanova in Loaded magazine. [Don Chavez]
  • This is the ass that John Mayer doesn’t want to have “relationship warfare” with. [Epic Carnival]

    Mercenary Babes are packing some seriously heavy firepower. [Gorilla Mask]

  • Snowmelting hotness for hump day. [Funtasticus]
  • A cowgirl goes to the beach. [Double Viking]
  • Check out Moran Atias [Big Smudge]
  • This girl is tee-ed up and ready to drive. [Busted Coverage]


  • Sports betting in Atlantic City, New Jersey may be a reality. []
  • A snowplow driver found a baby seal in the snow. []
  • Newly released aerial photographs taken by the New York City Police Department show the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11. [New York Times]
  • Goldman Sachs employees are shacking up at the Embassy Suites on Wall Street to ride out the blizzard. [Dealbreaker]


  • The top 10 Duke vs. Carolina games of all time. [Lost Letterman]
  • Rex Ryan has a wardrobe malfunction. [Hot Clicks]
  • A list of ways to improve the Winter Olympics. [Holy Taco]
  • The 25 most gruesome injuries in sports history. [Bleacher Report]
  • Lindsey Vonn’s shin is a critical concern for the Olympics. [Deadspin]
  • The five best Daytona 500 finishes. [All Left Turns]
  • Chris Berman isn’t going anywhere. [With Leather]

    Funny, random, etc.

  • The worlds greatest snowman. [YesButNoButYes]
  • The 50 greatest ‘Adult Swim’ characters of all time. [Complex]
  • A VH1 reality show bus causes a major sl*t spill after crashing. [The Onion via Uncoached]
  • 15 weird Japanese products. [Linkiest]
  • Norwegians in scuba gear vs. Google street view. [NextRound]
  • Three reasons Hooters may be for sale. [Asylum]
  • John Mayer talks about adult entertainment, Jennifer Aniston, and how Jessica Simpson is sexual crack cocaine to him… along with some other now-notorious statements. [Playboy]
  • NASA: Still keeping it cool. [Unreality]
  • 11 on air news fails. [Caveman Circus]
  • The 20 worst wedding fails. [Heavy]
  • What you can learn from seven types of a**holes. [Maxim]

    More photos of Anne Hathaway from GQ after the jump.





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