Delta Psi Pi’ Fraternity Hires a Professional to Turn Around Its Fortunes

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L.A.-based filmmaker and BroBible friend Michael Doneger has shot two episodes of a new web series called “Delta Psi Pi” and he was excited to share them with the BroBible audience. Doneger explains that last September, he and a friend went to UCLA’s campus and rushed fraternities during rush week. “This would be standard practice if we were college students,” Doneger says. “However, we’ve been out of college for a couple of years. We found a fraternity that we liked and they gave us a bid. which we accepted. It was absolutely awesome. Here I am, 23 years old, my buddy 24, and we’re hanging with these kids like we’re back in college. Anyway, we decided to tell them the truth and eventually declined the bid.

“Despite our short-lived experience in Psi Pi, we made friends with the fraternity brothers and they allowed us to shoot a web series which I had been wanting to film,” Doneger continues. “The web series is about an unpopular fraternity that hires a ‘professional’ to turn their fortune around and make them matter among their peers.”

Both episodes are after the jump.


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