Zoe Saldana May Just Make ‘The Losers’ a Winner

by 9 years ago


Normally we stay away from any movie that includes a former cast member of “Grey’s Anatomy,” but “The Losers” is another one of those, “Hey, that movie doesn’t actually look too bad.” The graphic novel adaptation stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (he played Kathryn Heigl’s annoying boyfriend Denny on “Grey’s” for about 20 episodes) and Zoe Saldana and carries this synopsis on IMDB: “After being betrayed and left for dead, members of a CIA black ops team root out those who targeted them for assassination.” O.K., truth be told, we just want to see this because Zoe Saldana is a smokeshow. It opens April 9. The trailer and a few photos of Saldana are after the jump.

Update: The trailer for “Toy Story 3” is out today as well, so we’re posting that too after the jump.




Toy Story 3:

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