Meet the Norwegian Olympic Beauty Who Won’t Be in Vancouver

by 9 years ago

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All right, all you hot female athlete-loving bros out there, hold onto your man parts and brace for the upcoming Olympic Games. Usually, the hotness is thought to come out during the Summer Olympics. With gymnastics, swimming, and two types of volleyball (hooray for tight shorts!), the sunny version of the games certainly brings a smile to our faces and a tingle up our legs. But the Winter Olympics has its fair share of hot babes, too, evidenced by this delectable little freestyle skiing baby pictured up top.

This Norwegian beauty is Kari Traa, and she’s a former medal winner in the 1998, 2002, and 2006 Winter Games. Notice Kari’s brilliant contrasting outfits. She can go from cyber-sexy 3000 to the snow bunny next door. Now that’s talent! Unfortunately, however, this gorgeous goddess of the games won’t be in attendance in 2010 (and thus didn’t make joePA’s list of hottest Scandinavian Olympians earlier this week). She’s listed here for being the absolute hottest Winter Olympics chick to ever breathe air. But don’t despair. The Winter Games still offer up a wide variety of beautiful babies to marvel at.

Oh, you’re skeptical? Well, I have three words for you: Female figure skating. Ha! You forgot all about those little skirts and form-fitting, oh-so revealing undies didn’t you? Well, with delectable dishes like Tanith Belbin of the U.S. and Sarah Meier of Switzerland, you’ll have plenty of reasons to stand at full attention. Other notable nuggets of hotness include skater Isabelle Delobel; skeleton racer Shelley Rudman; cross country skier Petra Majdic; speed skater Katie Uhlaender; skier Janette Hargin; hockey studette Hilary Knight; controversy-starting skier Lindsey Vonn; skier Julia Mancuso; and skier Kristi Leskinen.

O.K., fine, ignore the Olympics. Get on your little computers, go play online black jack and waste away your days in a coma. It’s your life! Or, if you’re ready for a little fondling fodder, you can take a gamble on the Winter Games and check out the wide assortment of surprisingly hot chicks trying to bend and contort and grunt their ways to gold. The choice seems pretty clear to me, bro. But it’s up to you. “