A Girl Asks: Is It Cool for a Girl to Ask Out a Bro?

by 9 years ago

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Hey Waffles,

There is a guy I really like but he hasn't asked me out. We flirt a lot when we see each other, or so I think, but it always ends at that. So my question is, should girls ask guys out, or should it always be the guys who ask the girls out?


Hey Sugabush,

I believe a man should be man enough to ask a chick out and face the potential of rejection, but I would also say there is nothing wrong with a broad who is assertive and goes after what she wants. Take cougars, for instance; they know time isn't on their side, they understand that they only have a few years left before their face starts to resemble that of a pug, so they suck in their gunts, roll up their skin, and take charge. There is no shame in that. In fact, more women should use this approach instead of waiting in the shadows for Mr. Wonderful (not the great Paul Orndorff of WWF fame) to come and sweep them off their feet.

As previously stated, men should have enough moxie to ask a chick out, but if more women — not just cougars and plus-sized cows — embraced the idea of attacking their prey, that would certainly make it a shit-load easier for them to meet the men they want to meet and for those men to get laid. And if you think about it, the carnivorous ways of the old and the heavyset are probably a testament to why more men in our generation love the Mrs. Robinsons and have drunk (and regrettable) trysts with fatties.

If your playful back and forth with this John has been ongoing but it's been over the course of several weeks or months, you might have to come to terms that maybe he isn't interested in you. He might just be friendly, or gay. But if it has been a while and he is actually interested, do you really want to be with a guy who can't collect his balls to ask you out, or at least try to f*ck you? I don't think you would, unless you're into scissoring, and in that case he certainly has the p*ssy to please you.

Depending on the time that has passed, I would say if you really like him, ask him out. This isn't the 1950s. Worst-case scenario he spits on your shoes and never talks to you again. But seriously, as long as you aren't unsightly or over-the-top annoying and this guy is straight, I think you'll be O.K.


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