A Snowstorm Traps Seven People In a UK Bar for Eight Days

by 8 years ago

The bar wasn't just a bar. It was attached to a bed and breakfast. Of the seven people stuck by the snowstorm at The Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge, near Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, England, five were bar employees and the other two people were a couple from a nearby town. All of the employees were under 25 years old (four guys, one girl). I immediately thought to myself that something epic, other than just entrapment, must have went down for this to make the news.

The chef at the bar, Daniel Butterworth (I f*ckin' kid you not), said all the employees — including one juicy little 18-year-old waitress — kicked off their forced seclusion by drinking heavily. I started thinking, “Oh yeah, mother f*cking fireworks!” But then as quickly as my hopes went up, he crushed them by adding, “We haven't been getting ratty. It's been fun and we have had a laugh. We have been getting on with little jobs, having our tea, a drink, playing games, and then going to bed.”

Unless those “little jobs” he speaks of are blow jobs administered by the almost minor followed by a circle jerk bukkake fest on her face, this story sucks, these kids should be ashamed, and this should not have made the f*cking news. I hope seriously awesome details were omitted.

What would you do if you were stranded in a bar for eight days? Clean the toilets like these jerk offs or something legendary? Sound Off in the Comments…

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