The Best Accidental Photobomb Of The Year Involves Some Guy’s Dick And An Unaware Couple At A Restaurant


Intentional photobombs are fun, sure…but the unintentional ones are where the gold is really at. Think about it, what’s funnier: some guy jumping up and making a googly face in the background of your picture, or someone projectile vomiting onto a crowd of people behind you in a selfie? It’s the spontaneity that takes the accidental photobombs up to the top above intentional ones.

And so we have this accidental photobomb of a couple at a restaurant…where a little kid is grabbing a waiter’s dick. I could make jokes about the little kid but that’d be inappropriate because I try to be nice to small children in public forums (the emphasis on that sentence being on the word “try”), so I’ll just direct you to look at the waiter’s face. It’s lovely.



[H/T Reddit]