This ‘Accidental’ Porn On A Laptop Prank Is Deviously And Embarrassingly Hilarious

by 5 years ago
porn laptop library prank

YouTube - JoshPalerLin

Watch what happens when prankster Josh Paler Lin asks some college students to watch his laptop for him while he goes to the bathroom.

Sounds simple enough except that the laptop was set up so that he could remotely start playing porn on it once he left them alone with it in their care.

This is made all the more embarrassing and hilarious by the fact that the porn is blasting away in one of the most quiet places in the world: a library.

At first they ham-handedly try to shut the computer down until one of them comes up with the brilliant idea of plugging some headphones into it.

Their reactions are truly priceless and once again, the real fun is in the fact, as has been the case a lot with the pranks we’ve seen lately, that no one really got hurt. Well done.

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