This Kid Who Accidentally Blasted Porn While His Mom Was In The Car Is Definitely Having A Worse Day Than You

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Watching R-rated movies with your parents and having merely a suggestive sex scene happen is one of the most casually awkward things that happen throughout your childhood, but having actual porn play? That’s gotta be 500x worse, which Reddit user spreadofsong got to experience first hand.

My parents had just gotten a new car, and unlike my old car, this one had bluetooth in it. So I’m heading home from a baseball tournament and I’ve got my phone connected to the bluetooth in the car and we’re listening to music. Eventually we get home and I go upstairs to my room for some me-time. My room is on the 3rd floor of my house, facing the street. I’m in my room with porn on my phone having some great fun when all of the sudden the sound stops. The video is playing like normal, but the sound is just gone. Then I hear the sound of a car driving over the drain in my driveway, and I realize. I look outside my window, being careful to not be seen, and see my mom in the car outside, all the windows down, blasting the sound of Madison Ivy getting fucked to the neighborhood as she frantically looks for a way to turn it off (remember, new car.) She gets it eventually and turns it off. She doesn’t know I know, and I pretend as if nothing happened.

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Do you pretend that never happened, or do you throw your Mom under the bus during family dinner and ask her why she was listening to porn in the car? Either way, that’s awkward as fuck.

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