How Accurate Is The ‘Dudes Of America, By Region’ Venn Diagram?

by 9 years ago

Why does the “douchebag” encompass the entire Mid-Atlantic without extending into Lower New England, including Connecticut and Massachusetts? This lapse in judgement — dipping into the seemingly-innocuous, non-douchey areas of Delmarva, Richmond, and southeastern Virginia — defies logic. The Ma**holes of the world are getting off way too easy with the simple “a**hole” label. Secondly, why isn't there some sort of “bat-sh*t crazy” option for the Rocky Mountain states; it takes a weird, marginally-insane dude to huck himself off a 100-foot cliff with skis on. Finally, how does the entire state of Florida not fall in the “idiot” category, in addition to the “douchebag” overlap? If your state justifies a special tag on Fark, clearly you've met the criteria. And, just one last judgement-free observation: I love how the entire state of Maine is just excluded — or forgotten — entirely. Seems telling. Men of America, how else would you break this down? Debate and discuss in the comments.