Children Of Porn Stars Discussed What It’s Like For Them And These Responses Are Pretty Amazing

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Honestly, I can’t even begin to say I know how I’d feel about one of my parents being in the porn industry because it’s not something I can wrap my mind around. I don’t know if I’d be enlightened and totally cool with it or if it would weird me out, etc. Below, a bunch of people whose parents are in the porn industry shared their experience of what it’s like knowing that their parents are in porn, and it’s all quite fascinating, as some are totally cool with it and others hate it so much they break bones punching walls… (via AskReddit):

Finally, one I can answer! My father was a porn director, so I hope this still counts. To be honest, I didn’t learn all that much about porn specifically (most of that knowledge was gleaned the same way that every other young man stumbles upon it), but I learnt a fuck load about lighting, makeup, camera work and sound design.
Porn has far more rigorous lighting requirements than almost any other genre, because without clothes, you have to do everything possible to make everything as appealing as possible. Lighting is always from above and about 30° to the left or right of the actors (diffused normally, unless it’s any kind of bdsm or fetish video, where a particular look is sometimes desired). This means that the chin of the female actress will normally be highlighted, which, with proper contouring, can subconsciously draw attention away from anything that is harder to cover, like a larger forehead or broad shoulders. It also casts the most light onto the upper breast, while darkening the under-breast, which gives an impression of greater depth than is usually the case.
In porn, it is difficult to capture only the sound that you want, without rustling or squeaking of furniture, or excessive grunting (which to my fathers annoyance is becoming more and more common). This is normally re-recorded in post, and the clips are then given to an engineer to combine with the original audio, which gives a cleaner result. The big give away that this is the case, is if there is ever foot tapping or any kind of consistent, repetitive knocking that should be present, but isn’t, or is very faint.
Every porn star is wearing a metric fuck load of makeup (about 2.445 imperial fuck loads for those of you who are free), and it works. That penis is not really that good looking, it’s as bumpy and veiny as yours, the trick is non-water soluble concealer. This is used to hide minor blemishes, and occasionally a fine detailer is used to accentuate the base of the head, which gives the impression of width along the shaft. Women too, will often need a lot of makeup to hide scars or marks, though it’s possibly less than you may expect, especially when you remember these women are professional actresses, they have the same aesthetic (if not higher) goals as mainstream actresses.
Obviously this won’t apply to all cases, and just like any other genre, there are plenty of directors who do it differently to achieve a certain look, but in the case of most general pornography, this will hold about true.

I used to live in a poorer neighborhood and one of my friend’s mom used to host a daily cam show to make money for the family. She was really open about it and made a lot of money on it.
He never really cared nor was he embarrassed by his mom, but he obviously got mocked at school for it. Kids even made accounts and requested things from his mom via cam, but he would just thank them for the extra cash. The kid could never be fazed.

I just don’t talk to her about it and hope her drug problems slow down

I was so angry when I found out my mother was a pornstar: I went into a fit of blind anger and just started punching the wall, breaking both my arms.

Not about my parents, but my friend’s parents were in a Hustler amateur video. Dad pees on Mom. We found it somehow and tormented him with it, because we were assholes. Mom and Dad were also not attractive people.

My friend’s mom was a porn star in the late 90’s. He would beat the shit out of you if you ever mentioned anything about it.

For a short time in high school, I dated a girl whose father and older brother produced porn. The girl mentioned three things which stick out:
— They were moving to digital media (CDs at the time) for distribution because they felt this was the future. They were also experimenting with multiple viewing angles on the same video.
— Her younger (edited 4 hours later to clarify based on comments below) brother, around 10 years old at the time, received a subscription to one of the main mags (Penthouse or Playboy or whatever) around that age. He was the most popular kid in the neighborhood.
— She noted the pornstars would babysit the family members when she was younger.

I went to school with Pamela Anderson’s sons. I was in school when one of them was there (Brandon), but i graduated before i met the other one joined (Dylan). As it was a boarding school, they were placed into a male house and obviously the question came up. I don’t know how they handled it but they were completely normal, down to earth kids who just so happened to be the sons of Pamela. I think you come to terms with your parents past and realize that the past is past for a reason and it shouldn’t affect your present and future.

Knowing my mom is a pornstar isn’t that bad, but knowing I was conceived at a creampie gangbang and will never know for sure who my father is is the hard part

Mom takes me to her work sometimes

Not a pornstsr, but my mom’s an escort.
It’s incredibly unpleaseant. Especially finding out after your parents lived huge double lives. She’s also a huge hypocrit

My mother was a dominatrix professionally for many years. Sex therapist by day and domina by night. So maybe this is something similar?
I did most of the chores in the house except laundry. I was not allowed in the basement for any reason. Of course that means I snuck down… Our basement was a dungeon. Poles, straps, things to stradle, walls of toys and tools…and the smell of incense and something else I didn’t know at the time.
Sometimes my mother had clients when I would normally be home (she usually didn’t). We had a code. I would check the mail box. If there was an envelope with my name on it, it meant that it contained money and a time for me to return. I would take the money and go down the street to a bookshop where I would order a wrap and do my homework in their cafe. At the time I didn’t mind, but as I got older I realized it wasn’t really the best thing for me and that it wasn’t a safe solution.
A few times she forgot to leave me an envelope and I walked into…sounds coming from the basement. Sometimes it wasn’t a client but rather just someone she wanted to bone. I have seen my mother bent over various pieces of furniture in our living room unfortunately when it just came to a walking into her general sex life. She’s also answered the door when I came home to see her in a harness or in her gear. I saw her naked often and she wasn’t shy about it. :/
I didn’t know what she did was weird, but only that I wasn’t meant to talk about it. Sometimes my afternoons were spend having a snack in a bookstore cafe and sometimes I was able to come right home when I got off the bus. I don’t know if it was entirely about money or if it was just something she loved doing. My mother was more down to earth with sex related things for a parent. She was very difficult in most other area of our life.

I worked with a girl who’s mom had been a porn star. She said her father was a scumbag and in jail. She seemed to have great animosity toward him. She didn’t know her mother and had grown up with her grandparents. She was very pretty and pretty much hated her parents, but loved her grandparents very much. However, her grandparents were starting to get older and they wanted her to take care of them. They lived far away from a major city, and she has work in said city. She was torn between going and having a life in an actual city and helping to take care of them, since they had raised her.

So it seems like some of the children of porn stars are totally normal and well-adjusted about it and others are totally freaked out by it, which is a pretty good cross section of society. I imagine that how a child feels about their parent being a porn star has EVERYTHING to do with how the parent tells the child. If that kid finds out at school from his friends it’s going to be devastating, but if the parent is upfront and tells the kid what their profession is and why sex isn’t something to be ashamed of then I’d assume that child’s much more equipped to handl the reality of their parent’s job.

Anyways, there are more of these stories over on the AskReddit thread and you can keep on reading them HERE if you want!

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