Adult Film Star Must Choose Between Massive Boobs and Her Life and We Lost You At Massive Boobs

by 6 years ago

Busty film legend Elizabeth Starr is facing a life or death situation — either keep her massive O-cup breasts and risk developing a blood clot that could kill her or have the massive orbs removed and face the potential of never working in porn again.

Elizabeth will probably pour over this decision for some time…wait, nope, she’s decided. The tits stay.

“After 63 procedures on my right breast and fighting to keep my career and my breast, I honestly don't think that I could,” the mother-of-two told Barcroft Media. “A mastectomy would take away my livelihood and I don't know what else I would do.”

If you’re interested in seeing some of Elizabeth’s more recent films, please consider seeking help. Here check this out instead.

[via Gawker]

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