10 Porn Stars Tell the Story of How They Lost Their Virginity

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Teagan Presley

XBIZ Female Porn Star of the Year and owner of SkinWorxxx Teagan Presley had a tricky first time too. “It was stressful! I had no idea what I was doing. I did it to please my boyfriend in high school whom I had dated since middle school. I was 17 when I lost my virginity. It wasn’t until I got into adult that I started to learn what I was doing. It was even more stressful than losing my virginity. I literally had only had just the penetration part of sex, so I had to literally learn oral and everything else on camera as we went.”

Ron Jeremy

The most famous man in porn will never forget his first time. The day he lost his virginity he had a hard time putting on the condom, and later discovered why. “It’s a real story. I put the rubber on backwards. It wouldn’t go on at first. The lubricated side was against me, not against her. We did it by this gigantic rock near my elementary school. I was 15 or 16 years old, she was about the same. I remember the lubricated side against me, not against her, sliding back and forth. So basically I was having sex with a rubber not her.”

Jessica Drake

Multiple-time AVN-award-winning performer, director, and sex-educator, Wicked contract star Jessica Drake had a good first experience, despite the shame that came after it. “The information my parents gave me [about sex] was all very clinical. As soon as I discovered sex, I started reading about it. I would read the encyclopedia, medical books, and in bookstores I looked for the human-sexuality section. I read it all for myself because no one was telling me. When I lost my virginity, it wasn’t an extremely planned-out event, but we both had a condom. I was in high school. I’d been dating a boy who went to a different school than I went to, and it happened after a school dance at my high school. We were doing all that heavy petting and humping and kissing and he got me with that line, “Just let me put the head in.” Everybody falls for that, so many girls I talk to fall for that. For as careful as we were with the safe-sex aspect, I wasn’t so careful with concealing the evidence. There was blood on the shorts and the panties I was wearing, so I hid the evidence in my closet. My mom found them, and it was a horrible experience at that point. She immediately confronted me, screaming at me, calling me a slut and a whore. It drove a huge wedge between my mother and me. It didn’t make me stop having sex, it made me more careful about being caught.”

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