How Several Adult Film Stars Told Their Parents About Their Job

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Our society is fascinated with porn and the lives of porn stars, which, aside from all the fucking they do for cash, can’t be very easy.  Close your eyes and imagine having to tell your parents that you want to be a porn star for a living. All I can see is my father calling his attorney to pull me out of the will while my mother tries to douse me with HOLY WATER to keep me from burning in hell.

Suffice it to say, a career in porn is not exactly what parents wants for their future child when they decide to conceive, but it happens and these “I’m a porn star” conversations eventually have to take place. The folks at Vox got several different porn stars to tell their story.

Madison Young: I’ve always had the philosophy of “Reveal All; Fear Nothing.” I came into the adult industry to start documenting my sexual life on film to show honest, sexual connection and female pleasure being expressed without shame. If I was to hide that act from my family or friends, well I’d only be perpetuating that inherent shame that exists in our society.

My family is rather conservative and live in Southern Ohio, but they have become more open-minded over the past decade. I was no longer living with my family and had established a strong community in San Francisco when I came out to my family. At first it was very foreign to them but after years of conversations, of taking a deep breath and being patient and creating space for their emotions and defining what our comfort levels were with particular conversations. It’s actually at a great place now.

Jessica Drake: I wasn’t close to my mother at all, and she took it upon herself to tell my father in the worst way imaginable: she sent him pictures of me having sex. When I managed to talk to him about it, he didn’t want to discuss the particulars of my job for obvious reasons (and neither did I), but he told me as long as I was happy and being safe, he loved me and supported me.

Tasha Reign:I told my mom I was going to do more Penthouse-type stuff, which was a nice way of saying porn. My mom goes back and forth about whether or not it’s something she supports. I think she tries her best, and that’s all I can ask anyone to do: attempt to understand. My little sister was furious and still is; my older sister is really supportive and cool about it. One of my brothers was really ashamed and the other was all about accepting me for me. It’s all over the place with their reactions.

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