BroBible Test Runs Airtime, the Next Chatroulette

by 6 years ago

Airtime is spearheaded by Facebook's Sean Parker, and it launched two days ago amid a ton of fanfare. Olivia Munn, Snoop Dogg and other celebrities were on hand to tout the website, which is being called a safer version of video chatting than Chatroulette, that anonymous site you were on for about a week a couple of years ago.

Airtime promises to be safer by not being totally anonymous. I had to sign in with my Facebook account, and it took my personal information down, making a note of what my interests are in order to match me up with other users to talk to. I like Jimmy Buffett on Facebook, for instance, and it began searching for other users who also like Jimmy Buffett (there weren't many). It also takes screenshots of my conversations, so if the guy I was talking to decided to try to take his pants off, he'd be banned. Luckily, Robb and I are happy to report, we were not subjected to any unwelcome d*cks during our hour on Airtime.

In fact, it was kind of interesting.

We talked to maybe 10 guys, and they were all guys—there was not a single female to be found (Olivia Munn was sadly missing). The first dude we talked to was using it in an airport, a sign that he wasn't worried about seeing something not suitable in public. He told us it that most on the site were in the tech business—not many people in the general public were using it yet.

We also talked to a guy from Australia, who was chatting at 5:30 in the morning his time. “Yeah, I've been on for five-and-a-half hours now,” he said. “You should probably go to sleep,” we responded.

The majority of people we talked to were okay—including the most likely stoned guy from Huntington Beach in the screenshot above. We were only really cut off mid-conversation once, when J. Camm pantomined having sex with a water bottle behind us. Far and away, the most interesting conversation we had was with a recent grad from Columbia, who told us that yesterday he was randomly matched up with a higher-up from Morgan Stanley. As a result of the conversation they had, he landed an upcoming interview with the bank.

Time will tell if that's the future of Airtime—match-making for finance Bros.


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