Amazing Things Guys Can Do to Turn Us On That No Girl Will Say Out Loud

by 8 years ago

Editor's Note: It's not every day that one of our female readers posts in the Brommunity — and a list of tips to turning her on, no less. So we're certifying it.


1. Pick us up and toss us around, show us whose boss

2. Give us a little surprise, blind fold us once in a while

3. Rip our clothes off, be hasty

4. Tease us, if we want to kiss, pull away

5. When were on top, throw us around and flip us over; take control


6. If were making eye contact on the dance floor, make sexual innuendos

7. Touch our hip bones, it really turns us on

8. BE AGGRESSIVE, you're men, you can do it

9. Tell us what we want, don't ask us, its too polite; be assertive

10. Look us in the eye, it makes us hornier

11. Don't give a shit about the girl you're talking to, lock eye contact with us

12. A little lower back touch can go a long way

13. Don't underestimate the touch of your lips on the back of our neck and collar bones

14. Be vocal; we like to hear how much were turning you on

15. Sexting can work wonders; do it more often

16. Talk is cheap; play hard to get, but follow through in the end

17. We like wearing clothes, but tell us how much you want us to take them off

18. Compliment our bodies when were strutting our stuff nekked

19. Come up with something original; throw out the old sex routines and spice it up a bit

20. Surprisingly, girls are hornier than guys, take advantage at all hours of the day

21. Morning sex is underrated, you guys may wake up with a boner, but we spend the majority of the day 10 times hornier than you guys