Guy Says ‘Fuck Allah’ And Gets His Ass Knocked Out By Angry Muslim

by 3 years ago

American Sniper knockout

There’s an old Eddie Murphy bit, from his stand-up special Raw, where he talks about Italians coming out of Rocky movies all jacked up and thinking they’re actually Rocky. The bit concludes with an Italian guy getting knocked out after calling a black guy in line to see the movie a “moolie.”

The guy in this video is all jacked up about something. Maybe after seeing American Sniper? He starts spouting off and decides to say “fuck Allah” while in a busy sandwich shop. Um, dude, you better know who’s around when you say shit like that in a public place. I’ll explain that to you when you wake up from your temporary nap because your ass just got put to bed.

It would be kind of ironic if the guy went to see American Sniper because he never saw that shot coming.

[H/T: Bossip]

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