Dating Website Survey Says Women Find These 10 Male Names to be the Sexiest of 2014


According to a new survey out today by dating site,, a man’s name can affect his chances of getting a date. How did they conclude that? Well, they rifled through all their dating data checked to see what names were associated to men who got the most dates using their service.

Are you thinking that is a flawed method? Yeah, me too.

Here are their findings.


Dating site,, used internal data to determine which men get the most dates in the past year, and found a correlation among their names.

According to the 2000 US Census, there are more than 1.5 million people with the first name “Mark” and 1.4 million “George,” while there are only 35,000 of people with the name “Noah” and less than 28,000 with the name “Ethan.”

1. Mark
2. George
3. Harry
4. William
5. Antonio
6. Andrew
7. Matthew
8. David
9. Richard
10. Christopher

“Liam and Noah may be hot in the cradle, but these names fizzle out once they reach adulthood,” says CEO and Founder, Brandon Wade. “Names such as George or William are synonymous with greatness and success.”

They’ve made their own counter point. With such a large discrepancy in the volume of one name compared to another, of course Mark is going to beat out Noah. This site claims to have 800,000 users. If there are only 35,000 men named Noah in the U.S. how many of those are actually on this dating site? 500, maybe? It’s not a level playing field. Extremely common names are going to win out every time; they have insurmountable numbers.

Also, everyone knows Jason is the sexiest name in America. A list without it is totally invalid from the word go.

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