Guy Leaves Angry Letter On Door Because He’s Tired Of Hearing His Neighbor Fuck Like A Cocaine-Fueled Rhino At 3AM

by 4 years ago


Is this fake? I don’t know. But that is a very reasonable assumption.  However, as someone who has lived next to some real shitbags in my time in NYC, I can see how this isn’t fake.

My favorite moment of a neighbor having loud sex was the time I witnessed a female neighbor get fucked doggy style on her balcony at 2am. How does one “witness” that? Well, I heard someone screaming like a wounded animal outside my window. Naturally, I hopped out of bed to see what the hell was going on. When I opened the window and turned my head to the right, there she was… a girl in a sundress folded over the railing on her balcony as a random guy whaled away and her nipples basked in the light summer’s breeze. Did I complain like this guy? No, because those crazy kids were having the time of their lives. And also because I think young love, or whatever that was, is beautiful, beautiful stuff.

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